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The Sweet Greek

Built on heritage and hospitality, we want our guests to feel like a part of our family when they come to the Sweet Greek. We feature recipes that have been handed down for generations and welcome you to experience those traditions with us. Try out our menu or shop in our retail store and see how sweet it is to be Greek.

About The Sweet Greek

The Sweet Greek is a family-run business that spans generations of original family recipes from Greece while adding a little twist to modern treats. We use 100-year-old recipes passed down through the family with all the little secrets for a truly authentic experience. Our family has joined across state lines and also brought another family business, Viores Fine Candies and Chocolates, to our community, a 100-year-old chocolate company brought over from Greece and continued on by our dear cousins in Pennsylvania.

Our retail shop will provide an upscale environment with attention placed on the quality of the ingredients, all while staying as authentic as possible to our Greek roots and sprinkling a little flair on traditional items. And, of course, what kind of Greeks would we be if we did not try to teach you a little Greek and some of our traditions, history, and mythology all at the same time. We look forward to seeing you at our establishment to enjoy the environment and eat well.

Taste the Flavors of Greece

Taste the flavors of Greece in our menu of delicacies from the Old Country, created with love and tradition that you’ll savor with every bite. You’ll find decadent treats, sweet and savory pastries, rich handcrafted ice creams, delicious snacks and a wide variety of coffee and espresso drinks as well as tea.

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Monday-Thursday 8 am - 6 pm
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